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Field-Op #62

EPF Agents report to the Command Room immediatly! Your spy phone is on red alert!

The island is still secure, so we're allowing agents to help out with the New Year's celebrations. I've loaded fireworks into the EPF defense cannons. Find a good spot and launch them. Let's start 2012 with a bang!
Here it is at the mountain!
Incoming Targets! Destory the targets! Enter the x y co-ordinates to fire the defense cannots. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused - you must destroy twenty targets in time.
Once you have completed the field-op you will get this message:
Well done Agent! I know that using the defense cannons for fireworks is a bit strange, but it's also good training. Thank you for all your hard work this year. You have proven to be an exceptional agent, and I am proud to work with you. Happy New Year!

Remember - that was your last ever field-op of 2011.

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