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Penguin Style ~ March 2013

The Penguin Style this month is full of items! But what makes it even more extreme, is that there are only two months of items in it (three months of backgrounds, if you scroll to the back) so that means that the items on sale last month are going straight to the clearance section! There's 40 items on one single page!
...Here are the two new backgrounds! The first one is your penguin standing at the front of the Puffle Hotel and the other one is your penguin standing on top of the hotel! Other backgrounds include the old Hollywood Party backgrounds and two puffle backgrounds - both missing the rainbow puffle!
 ...Next up, we have some styles from head to toe! It's a shame really, because penguins don't actually have toes - but oh well - they have shoes, don't they?
 Next, you've got some cool styles - totally unrelated to the Puffle Party - for those penguins who hate the furry little creatures!
 ...Now, we've got 20 items on this page - each different coloured boas and checkered shoes, yet still they are missing the rainbow puffle shoes and boa!
 ...Now, on this page, if you didn't already get the items from last year - here's your next chance, on all the same page! Just rollover the colours to choose your favourite items, or get all of them!
 ...Next we've got a totally new page, supporting Red Nose Day, in which everyone can get a free red nose, which is already at the Gift Shop and a background! Then, members can grab the old original clown suit, a microphone and the jester hat returns! Lots of rare items are coming back, only a few at a time...
 ...And the Puffle Handler is back! Dance with this on, and you'll feed puffles! Remember to get the look...
 ..And then, if you turn to the last page (before the flags) you'll find the old backgrounds and some St Patricks day items! These are also rare - especially if you find the Pot Of Gold which is hidden somewhere on this page!
That's all for now - do you think there will be a puffle related igloo or the old St Patricks Day igloo?

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