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Nobody Knew Far Better Than That

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...It was quiet in this land of dinosaurs. Yet something had disturbed them. Two time machines had landed in their time zone ~ not just one, but two. However, the dinosaurs knew far better than that, because they followed and watched each living thing that came to the island. They had a plan, however others had plans too. Echo and Eagle were busy calculating where the "mysterious ninja" was, while the mysterious ninja was plotting underground tunnels all over the island. Echo and Eagle were too late - the tunnels had been built, with no trace to be found. The mysterious ninja was just about to leave when he spotted a dinosaur in the distance. Yes, it would do. A triceratops - not the smartest of dinosaurs, it couldn't fly and it certainly wasn't as dangerous as the T-Rex. He grabbed it and shoved it into the time trekker. Meanwhile, a volcano started to rumble. Eagle and Echo looked out into the distance and were shocked at what they saw...
...The volcano had started to erupt! They had to get out of here, quickly. But they had got lost in the jungle, surrounded by dinosaurs. There was nowhere to go and the lava was heading straight for them. Eagle had the brains, but he was terrified and whimpered. The dinosaurs, however, knew far better than that. They raced down some steps and stopped. This was never meant to happen. This should of never happened. They were never prepared for this. The dinosaurs were going to die. Every single living thing would die on this island. The island might even explode itself. The volcano was dead - why was it exploding? Something had gone terribly wrong. The dinosaurs were very confused. Suddenly, Echo had an idea! He grabbed an grey egg, thinking of becoming a flying dinosaur, and it worked. He was flying!
..However Eagle wasn't. It was pretty ironic, as eagles do fly, however it wasn't a laughing matter. He was still on the ground and the lava would kill him. But the dinosaurs knew far better than that. They reached out and lifted him up into the air, being very careful not to drop him. Although, it didn't last for long. Suddenly, a burst of wind came up and Eagle was forced to fall backwards, down into the lava. Eagle was dead. Forever. Echo had come all this way - just to die. He had tested the replica of the time trekker, been eaten by a shark, come back to normal time, then gone back to the prehistoric world, and now here he was, above the lava where Eagle had died.
Echo was very worried, not about Eagle, but about his own life. There was lava all over the island. The time trekker was still down there, but how would he reach it now? No way out! He was trapped, flying above an island that used to belong to many dinosaurs. Where had they all gone? Everything had been destructed. And then, without warning Echo started to disappear into thin air. He knew why. Something about this island was special. Dinosaurs used to live on it. Yet now, they were gone. Therefore meaning that the future would be effected and Club Penguin most likely never came to exist. So, Echo wouldn't exist. Nobody would exist. All the penguins would be gone. The time trekker would be gone. Even the dinosaurs would be gone. This had happened far too quickly. Nobody had known far better than that...
To Be Continued, in the "The Ninja that knew far better than that"


  1. Echo, the truth is, I Bubsey Good was born at Penguin City, not Club Penguin! So were you! Everyone on CP was! So we would exist but not be on the island!

  2. Bubsey, YOU might of been born in "penguin city" but I certainly wasn't. Where is this "penguin city" exactly?


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