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Do You Remember The Old Club Penguin?

No one ever thinks of Club Penguin's past ~ except me. I'm always thinking about the changes such as the newspaper, the pins, the graphics, the rooms, the puffles, the clothing, the map, the PSA and much much more. Everything was different! The minigames have changed, stamps have been added, it has all been improved in many ways. More servers, more languages to speak in. Club Penguin has grown bigger and bigger. What would of happened if it hadn't of been sold to Disney? I barely see any of my old friends on Club Penguin. New ones have taken their place and the old generation is slowly starting to disappear.
...While Club Penguin are changing lots of rooms ~ that's great! I love to see new decorations but at the same time I would LOVE  a new room somewhere up in the mountains or in the wilderness. It would be so much fun just a big wide space of mountains and trees but I don't think Club Penguin will open that area as it was only available last year and the year before.

...Another thing Club Penguin should easily improve on is the outside areas ~ they're working so hard on the Arcade room, the Pet Shop and the Coffee Shop that they're forgetting about the outside areas! First of all, on the map, the buildings in the Town are straight like normal buildings but when you visit it, they're not straight except for the Night Club!

 I would also wish for more missions. They used to be so much fun and field-ops have not done a good job of replacing them. I hope Operation Blackout wasn't just a rumour or a game for System Defender.
In the picture above, you can see how some of the old rooms looked like. Most of them have a lot of free space but now they all lag. That's only what I think ~ you have your say, right?


  1. I gotta say this sadly, I pretty much like the old CP. It had less bugs, which is good. I hope CP doesn't mess up CP island more! ;-(


    I agree with your post :D

  2. Echo! Do you remember me? I am back blogging!


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