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Post 1024 ~ Fun with Friends Disney175 and Sasha58

After I completed my daily challenge, I found Disney175 at the Dock! We waddled to the snow forts and had a small dance party!
 Disney showed me her moves with her hip hop hoodie!
 Wow! Look at that. It's amazing...
 We headed to the rooftop to dance. This is where Cadence performed her song. Let's dance!
 We decided to form a band at the Beach. But something was missing, we needed another penguin!
 So along came Sasha58. Together, we have some awesome dance moves. But I needed an instrument...
 I suggested the idea to form a band, so we started practising.
 I found a tuba in the lighthouse store and Disney played a rockin guitar!
 Disney can play the drums very well. After all this time, the epic show was about to start!
 LOL Disney can play invisible drums. I danced on the stage with my tuba...
 We all danced and pretended to be Cadence and the Penguin Band...
 The performance was about to start! Get ready...
 Wow! Cadence and the Penguin Band are EPIC. We even got their stamps :)
 She danced while the Penguin Band played instruments. That song is very catchy!
 Sadly, they had to leave as it was only a short performance...
 That was brillaint! Disney was sad to see them go...
 We waddled to the dock to do a first live performance. We got into our positions and switched on the camerras.
 Disney loves cp! Sasha is a great dancer. WE WILL ROCK YOU!
 That was very fun. Let's smile! After that, I had to leave to make this fantastic post!
Have a wonderful day at the Ultimate Jam with Ham...


  1. It was nice to hang out with you, we had tons of fun together! Hope to see you soon!


  2. By the way, Sasha58 is my school friend :) She also likes to hang around CP :)



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