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Time Travel

There it was. Alone, high up, in the mountains. It had been dumped there, with some old catalogs and a box of items. No help. No way to get down. There was a noise in the distance. The yellow puffle turned and saw a strange looking figure in the shadows. He thought about it for a moment, then hurried along to the shadows. He didn't have time to look at the view one last time. He was gone. He had been pufflenapped.
 ...The ninja waddled with care, treading cautiously. This land was forbidden. It had been forgotten and left behind a long time ago. It was a perfect place to start his plans. Nobody was looking, because there was nobody about. Just him and the sweet little puffle. He checked the temperatures, stamped on three of the rocks in a very special order and stopped still. Suddenly, they began to move down. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster. The poor little puffle didn't have a clue what was going on - but he had memorised the way they had come. An impossible way, but he knew the controls and knew what to do, if anybody could come to rescue him. But they wouldn't. It was all impossible.
 ...They arrived in a small nest by a restraunt. This wasn't Club Penguin, that's for sure. There was no snow. But the puffle knew better than that. He wriggled out from the ninja's hands very slowly. Waiting for the moment, he pounced and the chase was on. He rushed down the ladder, past the warm fire, and down the steps leading to the unknown. But the chase never happened. The ninja just stood there, as if he was willing the puffle to run away.
...The puffle didn't get very far before he found himself in a strange mysterious place. Just like the ninja - mysterious. It was most likely his impossible hideout. There were tons of pictures of him. There was a map of the island, drawings, maths, and lots of waste. In front of him, was something that looked like the island. In the past! There was a ship, and waves by it. Plus, a painting of a forest and a drawing of a blue penguin. It seemed like the ninja wanted to destroy the island! But it could be something far worse! This was far too complicated. He wasn't in the present, he was in the past. But it seemed like he had jumped a few million years. He had seen the time machine. He had been in it! How could this of happened? This ninja was hiding a deadly secret. Nobody would ever find the yellow puffle, and...he stopped. He could hear roars. It wasn' couldn't...
...It was! Dinosaurs were heading towards him. He had gone so far back in the past, he was in prehistoric times. The ninja had obviously made this strange machine himself. But the puffle knew far better than that. Gary was meant to be making a special announcment on January 4th 2013 AD. It must of been all related to the time machine, but surely they would figure out it was missing. But then how would they get back to him?There was nothing he could do. He was going to die. There was nowhere to hide. Then, he noticed two big black gates with a yellow puffle bed, a teddy bear and a food dish. He guessed it was where he was going to be staying. However, at that same moment a dinosaur stomping towards him. It looked like he was hungry, but he stopped. As if he was frozen still by magical powers. But the puffle knew far better than that.

The penguin stood there. Gazing at the newspaper story. Only a few days ago, he had been living life as normal...until now. There in big bold headlines, was something unimaginable. Gary had found out how to travel to the future and the past. This was the biggest shock ever in Club Penguin history. But the penguin knew far better than that. He wasn't looking at that article. He was looking at the Lost and Found page. It showed a yellow puffle with long hair. It had been lost for weeks and weeks, however it only appeared in the article now. Maybe the publishers couldn't type it up. But the penguin knew far better than that...
...The penguin was sitting in his garden, on his swing by the mountains. This penguin was clever. He put the two articles together to make sense of it all. Puffle goes missing, time machine invented. However, nobody had yet seen this time machine, apart from Gary. But the penguin knew far better than that! The penguin knew that it was time for some investigating! The article stated that the puffle went missing just before Christmas. Therefore meaning that Gary was not inventing - he was most likely putting decorations up, buying presents and other Christmas jobs. So this "time machine" could of easily been stolen when nobody was looking. After all, it wouldn't be that hard to grab Gary's key, open up the door, grab the time machine, and go to the future or the past. He'd figured it out! But he couldn't do anything to help. It was dark outside. The penguin watered his plants and waddled to his bed. Then he remembered something. 3 years ago, puffles were trapped underground. He even had the article to prove it! This penguin loved collecting old items to keep records of history.
...But that didn't mean anything. If he had got trapped underground, then what would the time machine have to do with it? Things just didn't make sense! Did the puffle get into the time machine himself? Or was he pufflenapped? But the article stated that he was by the mountains. That's too far from the underground to get to it on his own. Something was wrong. It was as if it was messing with the penguin's mind. He decided to go to sleep and try and forget about the matter. When he woke up, he heard a loud bang at the door. The penguin opened it and received a parcel. What was it? He opened it quickly and discovered what it was. An invite from Gary! But he was talking seriously. It was about the time machine missing! He obviously hadn't written in the newspaper that it was missing. This was exciting news! The letter told the penguin to meet Gary at the Forest immediately! And that's what he did...
...Gary was waiting for him with a worried look on his face. He told the penguin that he had cameras monitoring the time machine and that he had seen a very strange "ninja" hop into the machine. "When this happened, I was alerted however it was too late. The machine had been stolen and there were no traces of what year it could of gone too. And this is where you come in." Gary paused breifly and then continued..."I need you to get into this prototype time machine of mine. It is an exact replica of the old one, but it may need a few tweaking. However, I have no time to waste. You'll have to go on and search through the years trying to find this ninja." Gary gave the penguin (who was never addressed by his real name) a photograph of the mysterious ninja. He instantly recognised him. Echo had seen him twice now. He had messed with him, inverting the colours and digging a deadly hole in the Plaza. Then, he had taken him to the past and the future, and everything had got muddled up! (Read Stuck In The Past to find out more!)  This was his one chance where he could hunt down the ninja or maybe even change time forever to get his old life back. But the penguin knew far better than that...

The penguin sat there staring at Gary. "So, you want me to travel back in time to find this ninja guy, then return with him and the real time trekker?" Gary the Gadget Guy knew far better than that. "It isn't as simple as that," Gary replied, "You're going to have to shrink because the replica of my time trekker was built for my penguin playset of series 4. I thought it would be a nice decoration for their town. But now, we must be more serious. Take this shrink ray and shrink yourself as soon as possible!" Gary opened the amazing time trekker as his brown puffle gazed in amazement. It was so shiny!
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...Gary began to get very worried. Soon, penguins would begin interviewing him and want to take a closer look at the real Time Trekker! What was he going to do? Gary the Gadget Guy knew far better than that! He got out his spy phone and sent a message to all the EPF Agents. "Great Scott - of course! By recalibrating the temporal distortion array in my Time Trekker, I can manipulate time space as easy as peeling a tangerine! Simple!" Gary always used fruits when he was nervous. It just felt much easier with a fruit. He tossed an apple to the penguin who was about to shrink himself. He was now a tiny little ant.
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...He climbed into the mini trekker and then pulled a lever to the prehistoric era and he was gone! He landed on an iceberg. He was so small that nobody could see him. However one thing could! It was a shark, and he was about to crash through the iceberg and eat the tiny penguin whole! However, Gary The Gadget Guy knew far better than that as the penguin reached for a teleportation device installed by Gary. Three, two. The shark had eaten the time trekker.
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The penguin was stuck. Inside a shark. To make it even worse, the shark was stuck in an iceberg. It was going to be ages before he would get out. However, the time trekker knew far better than that. The time trekker rumbled and then disappeared in a flash back to the present day. It arrived at the Snow Forts on January 10th 2013. Gary must of installed a gadget in the replica time trekker which moves it to the present when something goes wrong.
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...The Time Trekker was only small, but it appeared to be very big on the inside! After all, the penguin had shrunk to get in. A message appeared on the screen infront of the penguin. It was an automatic message. The real time trekker should be right here, right now. But it wasn't. It had been stolen. Atleast the replica was still working. Suddenly, Gary appeared out of no where. He grabbed the penguin's flipper and pulled him to his secret lab.
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There was another penguin waiting in the lab. He was called Eagle. The penguin who has been on this crazy adventure was called Echo, in case you were wondering. Echo had a brother (with the same name) who had died in the past when the mysterious ninja who had stolen the real time trekker killed him. Echo thought that he could get his long lost brother back using the time trekker. Well, that was the plan. Gary started scribbling on the board, drawing a meteor and the trekker itself. He explained that the time trekker was developed to go back into the past. Echo took notes. Gary said "Now, Echo and Eagle, I need you both to head back into the past for a test drive. I understand that Echo you got stuck for a few minutes using the time trekker. I'm very sorry about that. But now there's two of you! Echo, meet Eagle, a great scientist of mine. Eagle grinned and welcomed Echo.
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...Echo and Eagle were sent straight back to the time machine. Gary warned them that the time trekker would do everything by itself. "JUST DON'T CHANGE THE PAST!" shouted Gary as the trekker transported to the past. However, the trekker only went back 30 odd years to Gary's childhood days. It arrived where the old dinosaur museum used to be. Eagle peeked out. He knew what they had to do. Echo was considering leaving, however he stayed in the time trekker. Eagle walked over to the younger version of Gary and said to him: "You should become a scientist. An inventor! Join the PSA, explore dinosaurs, invent a time machine!" Gary was dazzled but nodded his head. He looked at the T-Rex and gazed in amazement. When he looked behind him, Eagle was gone.

...It was quiet in this land of dinosaurs. Yet something had disturbed them. Two time machines had landed in their time zone ~ not just one, but two. However, the dinosaurs knew far better than that, because they followed and watched each living thing that came to the island. They had a plan, however others had plans too. Echo and Eagle were busy calculating where the "mysterious ninja" was, while the mysterious ninja was plotting underground tunnels all over the island. Echo and Eagle were too late - the tunnels had been built, with no trace to be found. The mysterious ninja was just about to leave when he spotted a dinosaur in the distance. Yes, it would do. A triceratops - not the smartest of dinosaurs, it couldn't fly and it certainly wasn't as dangerous as the T-Rex. He grabbed it and shoved it into the time trekker. Meanwhile, a volcano started to rumble. Eagle and Echo looked out into the distance and were shocked at what they saw...
...The volcano had started to erupt! They had to get out of here, quickly. But they had got lost in the jungle, surrounded by dinosaurs. There was nowhere to go and the lava was heading straight for them. Eagle had the brains, but he was terrified and whimpered. The dinosaurs, however, knew far better than that. They raced down some steps and stopped. This was never meant to happen. This should of never happened. They were never prepared for this. The dinosaurs were going to die. Every single living thing would die on this island. The island might even explode itself. The volcano was dead - why was it exploding? Something had gone terribly wrong. The dinosaurs were very confused. Suddenly, Echo had an idea! He grabbed an grey egg, thinking of becoming a flying dinosaur, and it worked. He was flying!
..However Eagle wasn't. It was pretty ironic, as eagles do fly, however it wasn't a laughing matter. He was still on the ground and the lava would kill him. But the dinosaurs knew far better than that. They reached out and lifted him up into the air, being very careful not to drop him. Although, it didn't last for long. Suddenly, a burst of wind came up and Eagle was forced to fall backwards, down into the lava. Eagle was dead. Forever. Echo had come all this way - just to die. He had tested the replica of the time trekker, been eaten by a shark, come back to normal time, then gone back to the prehistoric world, and now here he was, above the lava where Eagle had died.
Echo was very worried, not about Eagle, but about his own life. There was lava all over the island. The time trekker was still down there, but how would he reach it now? No way out! He was trapped, flying above an island that used to belong to many dinosaurs. Where had they all gone? Everything had been destructed. And then, without warning Echo started to disappear into thin air. He knew why. Something about this island was special. Dinosaurs used to live on it. Yet now, they were gone. Therefore meaning that the future would be effected and Club Penguin most likely never came to exist. So, Echo wouldn't exist. Nobody would exist. All the penguins would be gone. The time trekker would be gone. Even the dinosaurs would be gone. This had happened far too quickly. Nobody had known far better than that...

The whole island was dead. Everybody had left. It was deserted. It would never be inhabited again, but the Ninja knew far better than that. He was the mysterious ninja. A very evil villain, who seems to have a liking for underground tunnels. He managed to get tangled up in the past before, with an enemy named Echo who sadly died. But that never happened. Because the ninja changed the future. He made sure that something would happen, so that no penguins would of ever lived. He would, of course live, as he had come from a different species and a different place. Now his plan was working. He been dreaming of this for years. He had made blueprints, and tried to dig a whole in the Plaza of Club Penguin, yet that didn't work. Some pesky penguin foiled his plans, so therefore he was going to get revenge. A vengeful ninja strolled casually down to his underground base. He fed his yellow puffle and then disappeared. He gazed at the lava covering this island. It had killed everyone. But the ninja knew far better than that. He snapped his fingers and the lava magically ran away. The ninja walked to the nearest restraunt and grabbed whatever he could find for this yellow puffle, and the many more that had been pufflenapped by him....Then the ninja began to start his work. This project was huge, and it had to be finished very soon. If not, then the whole plan would fail. The drilling started first. A giant hole in the middle of the island.

...So far, everything was going to plan. The hole had been dug very deep, in the middle so it wouldn't get flooded. The next part of the plan was the hardest. One by one, he had to drop the puffles into the hole, making sure they didn't get hurt. They had no idea of what was about to happen to them. After a few hours, the 54729 puffles had been dropped into the hole. Then it was covered back up. They were down there, at the bottom of the island, alone. But the plan was deadly. At the moment, all the penguins had been transported down to the bottom of island, unconcious. With them out of the way, the ninja could rule the island. Everything had been an illusion, just to get Echo and Eagle away. With that done, the ninja secretly headed to the future and made another simple illusuion. Now all the penguins were at the bottom of the island. But the ninja knew far better than that...

Disaster! Locked away in a giant hole underground in the year 2013, the penguins discovered some bones. They were penguin bones belonging to Echo and Eagle. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Why were they trapped down here underground? Gary sat nervously in the corner. There was nothing wrong with him. But the penguins and puffles knew far better than that...
Gary burst out with everything he had done involving the Time Trekker. Who could of known that time travelling was so dangerous? "I mean, I was only getting Echo and Eagle to test it..." announced Gary, feeling very upset inside. All the penguins and puffles were mad. Gary - a wonderful scientist - has changed their lives forever. But the penguins and puffles knew far better than that! They hurried along, and began to dig east. A clever penguin had watched where they had been put inside the island. He knew that they could get to his underground base from here. This penguin was Aunt Arctic. Nobody knew why she had an underground base, but that didn't matter. Well, a few penguins knew.
...After hours of digging, they found themselves in a strange yet wonderful wacky place. Aunt Arctic told everyone to wait where they were. The elevator was only designed for around 50 penguins, not ALL of them apart from 2, plus puffles that hadn't been pufflenapped. When Aunt Arctic reached the surface, she was shocked. What she saw was amazing. The island had been built into some sort of machine. But how? And why? Where were all the answers? But that didn't matter. There were thousands of penguins down underneath the island, lives at risk. She had to save them. She'd saved them before, now she'd save them again. Sensei and Gary followed up in the elevator, and were shocked too! More penguins and puffles crowded onto the island and gazed in amazement. Sensei smiled...
...He knew what had happened. He had all the answers. He watched the mysterious ninja climb into the top of the machine. They were too late. The mysterious ninja had to get rid of Echo and Eagle, therefore he added fake lava which contained a gas to knock out the penguins. Then he dug them underground. Then, in 2013, he put all the other leftover penguins and puffles into the underground. But this underground wasn't just any underground. It was the control centre to the machine above. The whole island had been turned into a machine. This is why the ninja had built a series of tunnels - and in one of the rooms was where he stored all the penguins and puffles. The ninja knew they would dig it out, however he hadn't known they would find Aunt Arctic's secret hidden base. He hadn't known about that! PH, the Puffle Handler, entered the scene with about a thousand puffles...

...Then the most destructive ending happened. The puffles leaped onto the giant machine, shaped like a mysterious ninja, and it all came tumbling down over the island. Sparks jumped everywhere. Pieces of metal went flying! It was terrible - what had the Club Penguin island become? A strange jolt of energy appeared and suddenly Echo and Eagle awoke. Echo immediatly rushed up to where all the commotion was happening. He stopped and gazed at the ninja falling to his death. He grabbed the ninja, and pulled off his mask. You'd never of guessed who it was! The mysterious ninja was Eagle! "" Echo gasped. Eagle replied with a snarl. "I was the ninja all along, my plan was to destroy this island and turn into into a giant robot and rule the seas. But no, I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those stupid puffles!" Eagle was taken away into the prison that would soon be built on this island, along with many other new buildings. The whole island would have to start again. But atleast there would be no more ninjas. Eagle had tricked Echo all along. It was simple. Eagle had chosen to pufflenap all the puffles because he needed to get them out of the way - but no. PH had also helped to save the day! Aunt Arctic had failed. Eagle turned away, and Echo gasped once again as he looked at the marks on Eagle's back. They belonged to Echo's father who had mysteriously disappeared a few years ago...

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