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The Secrets of The Wilderness

This story is about Echo006 and a group of penguins who head out into the wilderness in search of something that Aunt Arctic wants to find. Can they find the real thing, or will they be distracted by the rainbow puffles?  Read on and find out...
Receiving The Message
I'm Echo006. Recently, I became a superstar after I starred in three different movies and got three golden awards! Crowds swarmed over me, and cameras flashed at me. Somehow, I became famous. Now I'm just chilling back, having some fun with my puffles. But I was stopped in my tracks by a ringing noise. I hadn't heard it for a long time. It was coming from my pocket. I grabbed my spy phone and was alerted when I heard that the Director needed me at the EPF Base. Quickly, I scooped up my black long haired puffle and teleported to the base immediately. Aunt Arctic was waiting for me, waving to me, alerting me to come over.
"It's time you knew the truth, Echo. Surely you must of known that something was wrong. You couldn't of got that famous, that quickly. I've got something to tell you." she started.
"Well, I did think it was a little suspicious. How did you do it?" I told her.
"We told everybody about you, handing out posters, putting you on signs. Everything! And do you know why we did it?"
"No actually. In fact, why did you do that? I thought I became famous on my own!" I snarled back.
"Well, we did it because you are going on another mission. You are our best agent, and we need your help."
"But I'm an actor! I really am, I'm famous! Everybody knows me, please why do I have to go on a mission?"
"Being famous is all part of the mission, Echo. Now, if you'd like to come with me, please..."
 What To Do
Aunt Arctic led me up into the Everyday Phoning Facility, otherwise known as the EPF's cover story. This was what seemed like a phoning facility, with just one phone, but it was much more than that. It was a disguise for the actual EPF Base which was hidden under the ground. Aunt Arctic asked a few more questions. "So, I believe you've tackled the Mysterious Ninja and you were assigned by Gary, in January, to go back in time to test his trekker, but you ended up almost getting stuck in the past, am I correct?"
"Yeah, so could you actually tell me what mission I have to do?" I ask impatiently.
"Alright then. Since you've been so patient, I'll tell you. We need you as a disguise. You're the perfect cover for our other agents. Nobody will ever suspect you, because we made you famous. It was all part of the plan. Anyway, you will lead a group of penguins into the wilderness. Down the wrong side of the Ski Hill, and then behind the mountains. You've been there before, when you were working with the PSA?"
"Of course! I can remember that. Exploring Herbert's cave and all that. Is that what I'm doing?" I asked, standing in the middle of the wrecked Everyday Phoning Facility...
"Not exactly. You'll be exploring, but it shouldn't have anything to do with Herbert. In fact, we must get a search team and find him. He always seems to get away at the last moment."
"Yeah, I've noticed that. You seem to be behind on a lot of jobs. You're not updating the field-ops, the Everyday Phoning Facility is still broken, and Herbert's not been captured!"
"Well, that doesn't matter. We're working on that. Thanks for reminding me, though. I'll get another team and they'll fix this place up. Anyway, you're job is to send a group of other agents with you, and you'll explore the wilderness for signs of other life forms, like puffles, find anything you can. There's something really suspicious going on in the wilderness, so we set you up to find out who and what it is!"
"Oh great, could you be more exact? And who will I be working with?"
"Well, if I told you what you were looking for, then the rumours would spread quickly. so I can't tell you. And the same penguins who were making the movies will be with you. They are all perfect agents! The acting part was just so I can watch a good movie on Friday Night! You, Brownielox, Bubsey, Airplane, Pizzapuffy, Pen Quen, Perapin and if you aren't that famous enough, Polo Field will be joining you! You are all such great agents. Such great actors, too. I love this job.
"Won't everybody be mad when we all disappear, because we're famous, right?"
"Of course, but I'll deal with that, dear. Did you hear, Penguin High 3 will be out soon! I'm going to get it on DVD! Hmm, first I must write an article on that." Aunt Arctic waddled away and I was left standing there. The operation would begin very soon, and when it did, there would be no traces of me and my team. But one question still remained - what were we really exploring? I couldn't believe that Polo Field was coming too! But why would all the famous penguins be leaving? Strange...
 Down The Mountain
It was seven o'clock in the evening. The sky was dark, and the sea was a murky colour. Airplane, Bubsey, Polo Field, Perapin, Pizzapuffy, Pen Que and Brownie were waiting for me. There were big crowds behind us - just because we were famous. That was all part of the plan - being famous.
"How is being famous part of a mission?" said Bubsey. "I was the teacher, police and alien in the movies!"All the penguins down below thought we were just having a sled race. We sat on the Ski Lift, and watched the penguins behind us slowly fade until they were like ants. Security was tough now. The plan was that me and my team would go up the mountain, and then have a sled race. But suddenly, we would disappear, down the other side of the mountain and into the wilderness. The security guards would be puzzled, and there would be lots of screaming fans crying out for us, but nobody would know what had really happened! We arrived at the top of the hill. This was the tricky bit, because everybody was watching. The security guards knew what they had to do - they were all EPF agents too. They gave us the sleds, and we got onto them. We were at the highest point of the mountain, where nobody below could see us. Quickly, we rushed down the other side. Nobody had seen us, except the guards. We were gone...
...The rush of excitement came first, as we slid down the mountain, disappearing from sight. Polo Field shouted something, but I couldn't hear it against the loud rush of snow. We were hitting fast speed, and this track wasn't designed for sleds. It wasn't ever used, and hadn't been since the PSA! We swerved round corners, barely missing the edge, and fell off a few times too! It was really scary, especially in the dark, but at least we had each other - a huge team of penguins. Finally, we reached the bottom and found the wilderness. A bunch of trees, behind tall mountains. I suddenly realised something and I immediately asked the team.
"How are we going to get back to everyone else?"
"Um, good point. We didn't think of that one, did we Brownie?" replied Airplane. Brownie shook his head.
"Well, it doesn't matter. Let's just find a small cave, light a fire, catch some fish and boil some water." said Bubsey. We knew he was right. If we didn't have all the basics, we would die frozen in the cold. Perapin knew some tricks on how to light a fire, and Polo Field was already busy collecting wood. Pizzapuffy and Pen Que were looking up, gazing at the stars. Brownie and Airplane were searching for a good cave, and I was standing there, amazed at the beautiful night sky. The mission had begun!
 Finding The Puffle
The team woke up very early in the morning. The sun hadn't risen and we could hear faint sounds in the distance. We decided to go check it out. Our job was to search for any signs of wildlife or any other peculiar things. Aunt Arctic never mentioned what things, but she knew something was wrong. She wouldn't of just sent out a bunch of famous penguins for nothing. She knew something that we didn't! But that didn't matter. After a few minutes of searching and climbing up to the highest mountains, we came to an open space and quickly tried to hide because of what we had seen. In the corner, with some old catalogues, we found some puffles. Not just any old puffles, but a group of rainbow puffles! They were mysteriously colourful and they were all happily dancing. Nobody spoke. If we did, then they might run away and we'd loose them. I stared at them intensely, and stood next to Polo Field. He was just as shocked as I was. Suddenly, they sensed something was wrong, and they all ran away, without a trace. No photographs or anything to prove their existence  Suddenly, a yellow long haired puffle came over to us. We were hiding in the bushes and behind the rocks behind, and the puffle looked puzzled, as if sensing something was wrong, but he couldn't understand what...
...Brownie was the first to move. He jumped up and grabbed the puffle and picked it up, feeling how heavy it was. Airplane asked what he was doing, but Brownie didn't reply. Eventually he said,
"This puffle has strange DNA samples. It isn't just an ordinary yellow long haired puffle, it has something peculiar about it."
"What would that be?" Perapin asked, staring at the strange puffle.
"It appears to me that it isn't a regular puffle. It's a puffle that has been made through a machine. In fact, if we just took off this long fur, it appears to be a wig! Underneath this," he said, cutting away some of the fur with his scissors, "is a mechanical robot!" Bubsey looked at Brownie in disbelief.
"You've really just gone and found a strange puffle and it turns out to be a robot?" exclaimed Bubsey.
"There wouldn't just be a robot puffle in the wilderness. It must be spying on us." said Polo Field.
"I agree, we have to get rid of it", Pizzapuffy said, "It could be listening to everything that we've been saying. We'll take it back to the base and find out what's really inside, and if it's communicating to something else."
Brownie held the robot tightly and we all walked back to our base, in a nearby cave. But what I couldn't understand most was that there really were rainbow puffles on the island! And who would be spying on us?
 Unexpected Visitor
The puffle was in fact, a puffle who was spying on us, as a machine. Pizzapuffy was trying to track down where the puffle was communicating to, but so far we hadn't found where. We were sitting in our warm cave, lit by a fire made by Perapin, when some more unusual sounds came from outside. Polo Field rushed out and he burst back inside shutting the door tightly. Bubsey Good asked what was wrong. Polo didn't even reply. Something was wrong! The fire had been blown out and we were now standing in complete darkness. Nobody said anything. Suddenly, the door opened and a figure stepped forward. Not just any penguin figure, but another machine. It was moving slowly towards us all, and we were backing away to the edge of the cave. Nobody knew why or what was happening. I stopped. Everybody was in the cave, and we all knew what we had to do. Pen Que opened the emergency exit door and we all jumped down onto the soft snow below. The machine followed and the cave was left deserted...
...The machine was gaining on us. Despite the fact there was only one machine, it was very tricky to get away from it. I sensed something was wrong and told the team to stop. The machine stopped. Then, we all carried on running and the machine quickly followed by. It had been programmed to follow us! Polo Field was great with gadgets and he quickly re-wired the machine so we could see who was on the other end. It wasn't just a penguin, it wasn't Herbert, it wasn't anybody like that! It was the group of rainbow puffles! They must of sent the yellow long haired puffle, as a disguise, and when that failed they made another machine, however they didn't have enough time to disguise it well as a tree or a rock. Airplane, Bubsey and Brownie slowly waddled forwards, confronting the puffles on the screen. As soon as they noticed us, they jumped up in shock. Perapin was the first to react, trying to be calm and to communicate with the puffles. Was this what Aunt Arctic had sent us here to find? A group of rainbow puffles?
 Another Penguin
A voice shouted at us from behind. It was, of course, a penguin atleast. But were they bad or good? She waddled over to us and told us her name. Since we were all boys, on the mission, it was strange to find a girl penguin wondering about in the wilderness.
"Are you lost?" asked Perapin, kindly.
"Um, well, I was looking for my bracelet," she started," when I fell down that tall mountain and now I'm here. I don't really know where I am, and I don't know what I'm going to do!"
"Ok then, what's your name?" I asked her.
She said she was called Cliky Minty, but we could call her Minty.
"Hi Minty!" said Polo Field, greeting her with a warm smile. "Have you seen any strange puffles about?"
"No, I haven't been here for long. But I love puffles! Oh dear, what about my puffles? They must be so scared without me - they need feeding! How will I ever get back?"
"Well," began Brownie, "Someone is spying on us. We have to figure out who it is, but we think we might of found that out now." There were some more noises - the same as before, but this time they were coming from some tall trees. We waddled over to the noises, only to find more trees and a lake. I instantly knew where we were - the part nobody has ever explored. The part outside where the ninjas live.
To get here, you had to waddle through the trees in the snow forts and behind the tower clock, and you'd eventually come to the volcano. It was truly amazing, the sight. But we were on a mission. Pizzapuffy carefully stepped through the trees and gestured us all to come forward. Pen Que went first and we all followed in a single file line, including Cliky Minty. Bubsey froze. He had stepped on a thorn! If he screamed out loud then the puffles would be gone. He managed to hold his breath and take out the thorn, quietly. Any sound of movements and they would notice us. These were rare species and they didn't want to be disturbed. Polo jumped down and gasped quietly. Minty followed. I thought it was quite ironic, the two names, Polo and Mint but I couldn't think about that now. The mission continued and we all passed through the trees. Worse still, the puffles were on the other side of the lake! If we made sounds in the water, they would surely notice us. The robot had followed us and on the screen, it showed exactly what we saw in front of us. Five rainbow puffles jumping around in a circle. With no owners and nobody to look after them, these were wild puffles and could be very dangerous. None of us noticed the quiet shy rainbow puffle stop and jump quietly through the trees. They all followed, and we moved quicker and faster then ever before. We couldn't loose them now, not after so much hard work...
The Search
The puffles were on the other side of the lake. We would never be able to cross it, so we had to waddle down to the river nearby. After that, we jumped over and then began to explore the area. We all split up and I was left exploring some bushes with Polo Field, on the other side of the river. He kept on searching while I sniffed the air. Something had been here - we were going in the right direction. We carried on moving, not knowing what the others were up to. They were also exploring, some ahead, some behind and some searching in the middle of the mysterious forest. We had to find those rainbow puffles, and discover if there were any more. Suddenly, we appeared in a maze of corn and I recognised the area. We decided to jump back over the river using a wooden plank that we had found. The others were still searching.
Bubsey, Airplane and Brownie caught up with us and we saw it. There they were, making their way into the corn maze. If we lost them now, then we wouldn't ever find them again. Perapin called out to us, and Cliky Minty followed behind. I could see flippers waving in the distance and realised that it must be Pizzapuffy and Pen Que. Quickly, we waddled through the corn maze to find them, in hopes that the rainbow puffles would be somewhere here as well. Once we found the other penguins, Polo Field asked something.
"Have you found the rainbow puffles?"
"No, sorry. But we did here some noises coming from that direction." Pen Que said, pointing East.
"Let's carry on moving and split up again, ok?" I said and everybody agreed and split up into different groups of twos and threes. I ended up being with Cliky Minty and Perapin, the kindest penguins in the group. They whistled softly and it caught the attention of the puffles and they slowly bounced towards us.
"What food do they like?" Minty asked.
"Um, O-Berries!" replied Perapin, grabbing some from his pockets. The rainbow puffles bounced over to us, and I snapped a picture with my gadget. We had found them, and had proof!
The Puffle Hotel
Quickly, the rainbow puffles managed to bounce up and down, alerting us of something nearby. We were close to the back of the Plaza by now, and we had come a long way! Polo Field told us that we should see what the puffles did and then follow them. Cliky Minty was the first to go with them, as they liked her more. Perapin followed, and then the rest of us. As team leader, I made sure that nobody was about in the Plaza. When we got there, we were amazed at what we saw! The Plaza was decorated with puffles and everything - but non of the rainbow sort. As I looked up, I found myself staring at a Puffle Hotel!
...The rainbow puffles were gesturing us to follow.
"I think they want to go inside that Puffle Hotel," whispered Perapin.
"You're right," said Brownie, "Let's follow them!
The team moved quietly and quickly like ninjas. Polo Field smiled and I knew what he was up to. He wanted to go up in the elevator! We all got in, and then pressed the top floor button. It seemed to be where the puffles wanted us to go. When we got there, we found ourselves surrounded by clouds! We were on the roof of the Puffle Hotel! Yet the puffles seemed to be waddling slowly towards the...clouds? Was this really there natural habitat?
"They want us to walk in the clouds!" exclaimed Airplane.
"Well, penguins can't fly, so I don't think we'll be heading in that direction," said Pen Que.
"Look! A rainbow! It's so beautiful!" shouted Polo Field
"I wonder where it leads to..." I replied softly following the rainbow.
Up In The Clouds
It was no longer a mystery. There was no secret about it. Nobody else knew, but us - the team who had been sent to search the wilderness and had stumbled upon a big secret. There were rainbows everywhere and we instantly knew that this wasn't about the wilderness: it was about the clouds. A few of the puffles must of dropped down from the clouds, accidentally, and then managed to find their way back. But something didn't make sense - the yellow robot puffle that seemed to be programmed by the rainbow puffles! It was strange, but that didn't matter. We were in the clouds! How they were holding our weight was kind of impossible, but again - nothing mattered anymore. We had found the rainbow puffles!
"I think we might want to round them up!" said Perapin.
"Sure, I've played that game hundreds of times!" replied Cliky Minty.
"Yes, but these are rainbow puffles, remember?" Brownie answered.
"Right, they're heading in that direction. So, if a few of us stay here and the others move ahead, we could try and get them in the middle?" said Polo.
"Sounds like a plan!" I replied.
The clouds were thick and jumping through them was amazing. It wasn't just a normal cloud, and that made me think, we had never actually been on a cloud in our whole lives. We didn't even know what they were made of, apart from that they could turn red and blue with the power of the ninjas! Suddenly, I found myself pushing towards two rainbow puffles. They were jumping up and down, and before long, many other penguins had gathered at the top of the Puffle Hotel and were joining in. Everybody was trying to grab them, and being in the clouds, it was quite a rush! I found Perapin gazing at one of them - he picked it up. I watched Pizzapuffy and Pen Que grab one each, and soon everybody had one - including Polo Field! After a few hours of searching and rounding up, we soon discovered that there were millions of more clouds to explore, with tons more rainbow puffles! Cliky Minty and Bubsey Good decided that we should all go back down, and get a proper search team to get the other puffles out soon.
"I think it's quite mean that we're taking them from their real habitats." said Perapin.
"Yeah, I agree. But multi here is awesome, and I'm sure they'll like the snow." replied Bubsey Good.
Our Award

After rounding up the puffles, the team decided to head back to base and report to Aunt Arcitc about what we had found. Quickly, we teleported to the EPF Command Room and told her what we had found. She was shocked.
"Um, well, I hate to break it to you guys, " she started, "But that's not really what I wanted you to find!"
We were all sitting at the smashed up command room, and a message was on the board behind us.
"Excuse me, Aunt Arctic," said Cliky Minty, "Didn't you send this team out looking in the wilderness, for something that they didn't know what it was?"
"Well, yes but that's classified for now young girl. You shouldn't even be here, but I'm sure you would fit in perfectly. Want to join the EPF?" replied Aunt Arctic. Cliky Minty nodded.
Polo Field asked Aunt Arctic what we were to do now. She told us to wait a minute, while she left and looked for some files.
"That was quite strange, don't you think?" asked Airplane.
"Sure, but atleast we found the rainbow puffles!" I added. Polo Field, Airplane, Brownie, Pizzapuffy, Pen Que, Cliky Minty, Bubsey Good, Perapin and I smiled. We turned around to where all the puffles were standing before, and were shocked and our eyes grew in wonder. The puffles had left, with my camera, and no traces of fur or anything! Surely there would be some more on the island - they couldn't of all left, could they? Our award had been nothing - we had searched for something we didn't know about, found something else and then it was gone. I was annoyed but Perapin cheered me up.
"Don't worry, guys! We can always try again next week!" he added. The Secrets of The Wilderness were still out there - maybe one day we could really find and adopt those rainbow puffles for real. It felt as if our memories had been wiped from the face of Club Penguin - like we couldn't remember what had just happened. I stopped in my tracks, and asked my team if they wanted a pizza. All the evidence had been erased from history - somehow the rainbow puffles had done it again, and disappeared without a trace.
"I'm afraid it's bad news," stated Aunt Arctic, "despite your efforts, you'll have to go back to the wilderness. Something has gone terribly wrong. All the communications are down, and the EPF technology is down. Quickly, you won't have time to teleport - but find out what is happening! GO!"
Making A Plan
Previously, our team of penguins had discovered Rainbow Puffles and then lost them for some strange reason. Now, the EPF is under threat and the team must head back to the wilderness and find out what is wrong, hopefully making no more mistakes!
I knew it. Something just wasn't right. It didn't make sense.
"Those rainbow puffles - you remember them, right?" I asked Polo Field.
"Yeah, sure. What about them?" he replied, walking through the wilderness.
"Well guys, I've been thinking. You know when we found that secret puffle that was really a camera disguised, following us?" I said slowly.
"Yup! I didn't quite get that." said Perapin.
"Just because the rainbow puffles were on the screen when we looked at it, doesn't mean that it was them who were programming the gadget. I think we were meant to follow the wrong track, while whoever it really was planned their attack on the EPF."
"That's very clever!" shouted Cliky Minty. Lots of penguins had left our team recently, due to not wanting to continue with the mission, for some strange reason. The only penguins who were left were me, Polo Field, Perapin, Cliky Minty and Bubsey Good. Suddenly, in the forests, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
"Hey, LOOK!" I exclaimed.
"It's the rainbow puffles. Yes, it's really them! Let's follow them." shouted Bubsey over the roar of excitement and giggles in our group.
"No, we can't be tricked again." said Perapin, kindly. "Remember what you said, Echo? Sure, we could go on a search and find them all again, but that was our mistake last time. We can't do it again. This is the plan - stick to the path, and avoid any strange things around you."
"That's a great idea, Perapin!" replied Polo Field.
"Yes, sorry." I calmly said. "Let's move on, come on. Aunt Arctic is counting on us."
We followed through the wilderness, not stopping at any signs of the puffles we had once lost. Hopefully, other penguins would be searching for them now and they wouldn't be lost forever.
The Base
Eventually, after hours of walking, we found a camp site, with nobody in it. Polo Field wondered who might of set it up, and where they were. It didn't really make sense that there was a deserted camp in the middle of the wilderness - but we were too cold to complain. We all sat down on the cushions and waited. Bubsey, Perapin and Minty decided to get up and look for any signs of whoever was hacking into the EPF, while Polo Field and I stayed at "The Base" as we called it.
...There were millions of exciting plants, flowers and trees - but we didn't dare touch them. We stayed focused and instead, played a small game of tennis. Polo Field won, of course, but I still enjoyed playing with him. He was wearing his bling bling necklace, while I was wearing casual clothes with a brown bag, containing water and food. Time moved on very slowly then. Perapin, Bubsey and Minty had been gone a long time, and we started to get worried. Eventually, after a few more hours, we decided to abandon the base and search for them.
"Do you think this is a good idea?" asked Polo Field.
"Yeah, they could be hurt or in danger. We told them to meet us an hour ago!" I replied.
"Maybe they just got lost."
"Then we'll need to find them! With no communications, it's going to be hard - but they're our friends!"
"If you say so," added Polo Field, "after all, you are the team leader." He winked and we waddled away down through the plants and the jungles, in search of the other team members.
Finding the others

We hadn't walked far before we came to a huge jungle full of wildlife that I didn't even no existed in Club Penguin! There were puffles, giraffes, and all sorts. I kept thinking I was seeing rainbow puffles, but I instantly forgot about them and continued looking for Perapin, Bubsey and Minty. They had to be somewhere nearby. We had been searching for ages, yet it was impossible to see where anybody or anything was.
"Polo?" I shouted.
"MARCO!" I heard a reply come from the bamboo.
"Oh there you are!" I said, "Do you think we've got any luck of finding the others?"
"No chance. They must of walked into a trap or something. Remember what our mission was?"
"Yeah, to find out who was hacking into the EPF."
"Well, of course. Maybe the rest of the team have already stumbled upon who that is." I thought about my training, when I became a tech agent and how I defended the systems. Quickly, I gathered all my memories of the EPF villains, and all the elite agents.

I was snapped out of my daydream by a loud cracking noise. I had stepped on a twig!
"Watch out - there's a lot of dangers here." Polo Field told me.
"Do you think we'll find them?" I asked.
"Of course! Look they're over there!" Polo Field replied pointing in the distance.
"It looks like they need help! All this time, my EPF training skills will now come in handy!" I shouted. We quickly ran over to them and found the problem. There were lasers surrounding the area of where the team were heading. It looked like it was heavily guarded, and there was no possible way of getting through.
"Thank goodness you're here!" came Bubsey Good's voice.
"We're really stuck here - can you help us?" asked Perapin.
"Sure!" I said, grabbing my computer from my bag. I quickly opened it up, found some spare wires in the laser machinery and managed to get into the laser software. Now all I had to do was shut it down.
"Wow! You're amazing!" said Cliky Minty, as the lasers disappeared.
"Not so fast, you menacing EPF penguins!" shouted a voice from behind. We slowly turned our heads and were shocked at who we saw. It was...
Meeting the enemy
Standing behind us, was a large broad penguin. He had wavy hair, a blue hoodie and green checkered shoes. He was wearing simple casual clothes, as well as a star necklace. Surely he wasn't our enemy who had been hacking into the EPF.
"Who are you?" said Polo Field, standing up tall.
"I'm Eric Panther Feather." said the penguin, showing us a computer screen.
"Hey, isn't that all the EPF's codes?" asked Cliky Minty.
"Why yes! But I don't really want to, actually. I've been paid to do this. You could call me a computer tech wizard! Out here in the wilderness, I expected nobody to find me, but I guess you must be EPF agents.""Well, actually, we're not!" I said, figuring out the initials of his name.
"Good! Because it's time for me to go now!" he said.
"No, Eric. Stop, " I replied, "Who are you working for?" I imagined the figure in my head.
"Nobody! That was just nothing. You didn't see anything, did you?" he said, waving his arms. Quickly, he pulled out a memory stick and I knew that all of the EPF's data was on it.
"Who are you working for?" asked Bubsey Good, getting impatient.
"We don't want to hurt you!" added Perapin.
"Look little penguins. If you would just leave me alone, and I'll tell you when I'm ready!" he told us. Without thinking, I gathered the group up and we walked back through the jungle. Polo Field laughed.
"What a fool!" he said, "He's never going to pull it off!"
"I think he already has." Cliky Minty exclaimed.
"Yes. I've worked out the initials of his name - EPF." I said.
"Then what was he doing getting all those files? He said he was working for someone, right?" Bubsey asked.
"I don't know. Let's follow him." Consequently, we were led down deeper and darker into the wilderness, further than we had ever been before. What could be down here? There were lots of secrets that we didn't know, but it would soon all become clear...
The Dark Dark Cave

After what seemed like hours of walking through the endless wilderness, we ended up following Eric into a large cave. Inside, it was pitch black until eventually, Eric switched on a light. He wasn't aware of our presence. The team shuffled inside, waiting for Eric to do something. We hid behind some huge equipment. Eric sat there, in silence. He did nothing. All of a sudden, the power went off and we were left in the pitch black. Suddenly, without warning, the lights came back on and Eric had disappeared. Then they were switched off again, and no longer were they working. Perapin whispered something, but I couldn't hear him over the thoughts whirring inside my mind.
Without warning, a big TV moniter switched itself on and a recording started.
"So you thought you could follow me and find out where I was going?" a voice said on the screen. "Well, you couldn't and now you're trapped in one of my caves! Don't even think about trying to escape, and even if you do, it's guarded all around and cameras are constantly watching you." The monitor switched off and we all sat alone, waiting for help. But it didn't come. How could this be? Bubsey Good exclaimed,
"Don't worry, buddies! I can get us out of here."
"It's no use." Polo Field replied. It was true. We had no chance of getting out. Somehow, we had found Eric in the middle of nowhere, and then we had followed him into a cave. It just didn't make sense!
"You know what I think?" I said, quickly.
"What?" gasped Perapin.
"I've got a plan!" I replied.
Finding A Way Out

It was dark outside. Now was our chance. I leapt forward and screamed as loud as possible. Quickly, I grabbed a hammer from my bag (which, stupidly, hadn't been taken away from me) and started banging on the pipes in the room. Consequently, a strange gas was let out and the room was filled with smoke. I knew what I was doing. All the cameras now wouldn't be able to see what we were doing. A few hours earlier, Perapin and Polo Field had begun to build a hole in front of the door, with a jackhammer. It was very noisy, but nobody came in while we were doing it. Cliky Minty had already found the way out. It was actually very easy, escaping - all we had to do was find an exit - other than the locked door. What Eric hadn't considered, was that the rocks in this cave were already falling, and after some jackhammering and banging with the hammer, eventually we hit snow and after minutes of digging through it, we managed to climb out into the fresh air. Only it wasn't fresh. It was damp and cold - colder than ever before...
...Somehow, after a few hours of sitting in a cave, Club Penguin had been hit by a snow storm. It was crazy, but true. We had crawled out of the cave, into the wilderness. There were icicles dangling from trees, and snow was piling high. A tiny bit of sunlight crept out through the darkness. The sun was setting, and before long, it would be pitch black. We were able to escape from Eric, but would we be able to escape from the snow? Out in the wilderness, it was very hard to find your way around - especially in deep snow.
"Where do you suppose we go next?" Cliky Minty asked.
"Well, considering the options," Perapin started, "I would just go back inside the cave. It's a lot warmer in there. But that'd be giving in to Eric. We can't do that!"
"Agreed," said Polo Field, "We need a strategy."
"I guess we could just wonder around." added Bubsey Good.
"No, no no. That won't get us anywhere. We need to think practical. EPF tech is still down. That means that our mission isn't complete. We need to find Eric - HE HAS ALL THE EPF DATA!" I replied.
"Yes, I think we forgot about that. Shall we go after him? He can't of gone far, could he?" said Bubsey.
"He might have a spy phone too - and that means he could've teleported anywhere." I added.
"Don't worry guys. I have an igloo over there." said Polo Field.
"Why didn't you say so?" Perapin replied. We all quickly waddled into Polo's igloo, and sat down by the fire, figuring out which path to take next...
Teleporting Back
After discussing many options, we finally came to the conclusion that we should wait in Polo Field's igloo. There was nothing much else we could do in the snowstorm. Atleast it was warm inside. Finally, after trying hard, we all got some sleep. I was woken up at 3:00 AM when I received a message on my Spy Phone.
"Who is it?" Bubsey Good exclaimed.
"It's Aunt Arctic! She says she wants to meet us at the Everyday Phoning Facility!" I replied.
"Wait, that's not possible!" Cliky Minty said. "EPF tech is still offline, right?"
"Um, no! It's working - we can all teleport there now!" I said. And that's what we did. One of the silliest mistakes we could of done. If we had of thought things through, we would've known that Aunt Arctic wouldn't be awake at this time. We would've known that Eric still had all the EPF technology in his flippers. We arrived in the Everyday Phoning Facility which was under construction. Nobody was there.
"Eh, atleast Aunt Arctic finally decided to fix the EPF! She said she'd do that last month!" Polo Field said.

We should've realised then, that we had to get out of there. If Aunt Arctic wasn't there, where was she? But we didn't even think once about that. Suddenly, lasers sparked all around us - we were trapped!
"So you fell for my little trick, did you?" Eric asked, magically teleporting into the room.
"What? Hey, why are you here?" Perapin said.
"Because I own the EPF now! Ever since you gave me all your technology." Eric replied.
"We didn't give you it, YOU STOLE IT!" shouted Bubsey Good.
"Well, I'll let you into a little secret." divulged the big penguin.
"And what would that be?" I said, remembering our teleporters were still online.
"I first started with a plan. A wonderful plan. I told Aunt Arctic to send her agents out into the wilderness as a test, to see your EPF skills. I said to her that everything would be under control, as long as she didn't tell you about me. I guess she didn't. Anyway, as that happened - I painted some yellow puffles in different rainbow stripes, to distract you. Then, I began to hack into the EPF's systems. Nobody noticed, except for Aunt Arctic, who couldn't call you as you were up in the clouds!"
"That's very clever." Perapin said, nudging me.
"Thank you, my dear little penguins. I shall continue now. Anyway, you all reported back to Aunt Arctic, who sent you on a real mission - not a test mission. She told you to go into the wilderness and find me, of course. But she made a mistake - EPF technology was down! And so I captured you, and then you escaped. Which was all part of the plan, by the way."
"You tricked us!" Cliky Minty added.
"Of course, young girl. The snow storm was completely unexpected, which helped me alot. Because of it, I was able to get you here, and now here we are, I guess. But there's more..."
Without thinking, I pressed the teleport button on my Spy Phone, hidden behind my back, and my team and I were sent straight to my igloo.
In My Igloo

"What did you do that for?" shouted Polo Field. We were back in my igloo, after teleporting away from Eric who was explaining his evil plan.
"It was our only chance of escaping. If we'd stayed there, we would be trapped forever in the lasers!" I replied.
"Yeah - I can't believe he forgot about the EPF technology!" Perapin said.
"Sure, but what are we meant to do now?" Bubsey Good asked.
"Well, Eric could trace us somehow, so he might be able to find us, right?" Cliky Minty asked excitedly.
"Yes. In the mean time, we need to make a plan! If Eric comes here, we need to be able to trap us. He never actually said why he did all that, did he?" I announced.
"He must need the EPF technology for something!" Bubsey shouted. Quickly, I waddled over to my computer and found an email. It was from Eric. He was tracking us down as we read the email. Quickly, I deleted it as soon as possible.
"He's onto us. Don't worry, we have a few minutes before he'll find us. Here's the plan. I've got a bunch of lasers in storage. When Eric gets here, we'll trap him!" I said.
"Wait, he could just teleport out, like we did!" Polo Field added.
"Don't worry about that!" Perapin said, "I'll figure out something." So we all started building the lasers together, surrounding the area in my igloo. Eric would never be able to escape this trap. After a few minutes of preparation, Eric finally came. I knew he would. He wouldn't just leave us here - he could track us easily, and he needed us, for something.
"HA! I've got you peng-" The lasers powered up. Perapin had Eric's stolen spy phone. We had caught the bad guy!
"No, you haven't! It appears that we've got you. Anyway, Eric - tell us more about your plan. Why did you do it? Why did you steal the EPF technology?"
"GAH! You stupid penguins! I'm not even a penguin! I can't believe you got me."
"What do you mean?" said Cliky Minty getting worried. Suddenly, I noticed something. On the back of Eric's hair, there was a small zip meant to blend in with the hair. Eric pulled it down and something we didn;t want to see, appeared right in front of us - Herbert!
Meeting Herbert
Herbert, a large polar bear, was standing in my igloo. The EPF's worst enemy had managed to steal the EPF files, trick Aunt Arctic and now he had us. We were the agents he needed. He had been after us, and for a good reason. On the bright side, I finally had Herbert's stamp! He stood there scowling.
"What are you penguins looking at?" came Eric's voice from Herbert's mouth.
"HERBERT! How did you get here?" Polo shouted. Herbert looked down at his feet.
"Ok then, Elite Penguin Fools. Let's get this straight. Just because I'm in a few lasers, doesn't mean I can't escape, again." Herbert's voice echoed. Eric's voice had completely disappeared now.
"We've got you trapped Herbert. We don't want to hurt you though!" Perapin said calmly.
"But what if I don't want to be here with you? It's time I got my revenge, and not like before - this time, I will win. For once, I've planned everything out. I've even created my own teleportation device!" Consequently, a small gadget was pulled out from Herbert's cleverly disguised pockets. He clicked a few buttons, and before we could stop him - we were all gone - back to the Wilderness. I saw a peice of blueprints floating around. I knew exactly where they were from - Operation Blackout. But why did Herbert leave them out here in the Wilderness? It was most likely just some rubbish he had finished with and couldn't find a trash can.
...There was a breeze in the air. Trees swayed from side to side. Yellow puffles laughed as they rolled in puddles. They were all part of Herbert's plan - rainbow puffles. But what could Herbert want with us? We were all suddenly trapped, and without realising, we had no ways of communication and were alone.
"You might be wondering why I need you here. I was going to tell you back then, but you teleported out before I could reveal my true identity. I guess you'll just have to wait a little bit longer! It makes it more fun for me, anyway." Herbert said softly, like he was ready for anything.
"You won't get away with this. Just because it's early in the morning, doesn't mean that Aunt Arctic won't be ready for work. She'll be here, won't she?" said Bubsey quietly, unsure of himself.
"I'm afraid not, little penguins. She's trapped in my lair, with nowhere to go. As well as all your other elite penguin fools. In fact, this time - I've got you all. This plan is perfect!" Herbert shouted again at us.
"Not if I can do anything about it!" came a voice from behind. A familiar voice too...
The Plan Unfolds

The voice was just inside my head. If I was being honest, I was totally scared. I was trying to think of something to say to Herbert, but I couldn't. I had lost it completely. Cliky Minty comforted me.
"It'll be ok. We'll escape, somehow. Don't worry!" She said, calmly. We stepped into Herbert's cave and to our surprise, there was a large bottle of hot sauce and Herbert's older failed machine - that's why I found the plans flying about! There was still a hole where we had escaped, but Herbert didn't seem to notice that.
"The whole point," he started, "of my plan, was to let you escape!"
"Oh yeah right. I bet this is all Plan B," Polo Field replied.
"Believe whatever," Herbert started again, "this isn't my actual cave. You'll notice that this cave is inside a mountain. And if I press this button, you'll see what I mean!" He pressed the button, and we knew what to expect. He had made a giant cave out of all of Club Penguin's mountains. The tallest mountain, twin mountains - all of them. Kluzty was here too. He had stacked tons of pizzas up in a pile.
"Anyway," he said, "Before I tie you up, I suppose I better tell you my plan. As I was saying before, I had stolen the EPF technology, and whatever. The next part of the plan is the deadly part. It was very cunning and mischeivious but I got away with it. I need you all. That's why you're here. Otherwise, you'd be running away for your life right now. But no, you are the biggest part to play in my plan. Without you, it won't work. I decided that after failing Operation Blackout, I might as well give up. But I still had one plan left to destroy your island. Heating it up won't work. Getting rid of the sun won't work. Sinking the island won't work. Making earthquakes, all sorts - failed. So I decided to go extreme. I stole all the Hot Sauce on Club Penguin, while you were up in the clouds. It was actually easier than I thought, ever since you redecorated the Pizza Parlor, you put it in one giant bottle! With this hot sauce, I will pour it all over Club Penguin from this mountain, which has the perfect view of everything, therefore causing the whole island to BURN! So, at midday, you all will broadcast on live Club Penguin TV that you are going to do this. Nobody will trust you, and of course, they'll all run for their lives. The hot sauce will cover everything and then your precious island will be destroyed. Even these mountains. I'm getting rid of it all. Then, when you've all quickly escaped to another island, I'll make this into a beach. I've got a truck load of sand, ready to set out. Then, I'll use my old plan and bring all the sunlight onto me, in my new paradise. It's perfect. No penguins. No snow. Warm and sunny. Nothing can stop me now!" I was about to cry. The whole island would be destroyed, all the penguins would leave by boats, and we'd be the blame!
Hot Sauce Mayhem

As the clock got closer and closer to midday, we all felt nervous. Aunt Arctic, Rookie, PH, Jet Pack Guy and Dot had joined us. We were about to broadcast the end of Club Penguin. Penguins would flee as soon as they heard the message. Nobody would like us. Club Penguin really would get burnt and explode into a sunny paradise. The clock struck twelve and Herbert told us to start. We did. Aunt Arctic would read it all out, and we would stand behind her, looking worried.
"Hello Penguins," she started, "We interrupt your programmes to tell you about something very big. Grab your puffles and friends, because the island is doomed." Those were the lines Herbert had told her to say. But then, she said something different and Herbert began to get angry.
"Herbert is here with us now. He's planning the end of Club Penguin. He's a nasty polar bear, and he is going to pour hot sauce over all of Club Penguin! We have to stop him, and we need your help! Quickly, come to the mountains and find us. Help us escape from him. Only he has the power to destroy Club Penguin. COME QUICKLY! Club Penguin won't be doomed forever!" Herbert ran, took the control button and left the mountain. His last words echoed in my mind...
"HA! Perfect! You didn't really think that I'd let you broadcast anything you wanted to the whole of Club Penguin? That was a trick! Nobody will come here at all, and nobody will know.
...We sat there. Herbert's plan was perfect. He had done everything to make it perfect. I couldn't believe it. But we hadn't noticed the flood button: Herbert had placed a water pump in his base, because his mountains were right underneath the Card-Jitsu Water Dojo. There were too buttons, flood and drain. But we couldn't reach them. Kluzty needed Pizza. I had a plan. I could reach the pizza boxes, and I threw pizza onto the flood button. The waterfall poured water out, and it wasn't pumped away. Herbert would drown. We all knew how to swim, and quickly we found the exits. Herbert had escaped too. Somehow though, I knew that Herbert still had another trick up his sleeve. That is, if he had any sleeves. The hot sauce was returned, and nobody was hurt. In the end, we decided to have a pizza party! Perapin and I were shocked that Herbert could manage to disguise himself as Eric! We all gathered, and ate pizza at the Cove. The mountains were full of water. We had escaped. Everything was back to normal. But there was something missing. What were the secrets of the wilderness? Suddenly, a rainbow puffle jumped up into my arms. It was them. Truly, they had fallen from a cloud.
The End...


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