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Stuck In The Past

You have picked "Stuck In The Past." This story is very confusing! Echo is trying to figure out the secrets of the Shadow Ninjas, however he is stuck in the past! What's the difference between the past, present and the future? Everything's muddled up. Read the terrible ending now...
I've been doing some research, and ever since I got a new outfit, weird things started to happen.  It seemed very strange and suspicious, so I started to investigate. The Ski Lodge was a place where I would sit and think, and I did until I came across a very strange looking mirror. It had a shadow in it, but nobody else was in the room. Was this penguin invisable? Was it even invisable?
 ...I decided not to bother about the shadow, and instead go for a stroll out onto the Beach and inside the Lighthouse for a rest. As I got in, I looked behind the crates to see if there was anything useful I could use on my camping trip. But you'd never believe, that I saw ANOTHER shadow! I was very freaked out and I didn't know WHAT to do! But then I remembered something. The Mysterious Ninja. This story is top secret and exclusive, all about Shadow Ninjas...
...Could this really be the Mysterious Ninja coming back to haunt me? Wait, I remembered something. I was stuck in the past! That meant that this version of the Mysterious Ninja wasn't alive yet. I started to get scared, I wish somebody would help me and not leave it all to me. I turned around...
It was worse than I thought! A puff of smoke appeared, and when it cleared the shadow had gone. Was it really the Mysterious Ninja or was it just my own shadow? I decided not to think about it anymore, and carry on without looking back. The year was 2008, that meant nobody knew about the EPF, just the PSA so I decided to change things a bit, I knew where Herbert would be because I had seen the future, so therefore I could capture him and change everything. Bad Plan!
 ...I remembered his camp site, and headed to the back of the Ski Lodge. His plan was to chop it down and use it for wood! When suddenly, I rushed past someone and they asked me a question. "Where did you get that outfit?" I wasn't going to tell her I was from the future, that could change everything. I decided to say nothing and just hope that the matter would be forgotten.
...Herbert didn't seem to be about. So I must of got the timing wrong, I headed over to where I had seen the shadow a few minutes before, then I realised something. Why were the colours changed in the PAST? That meant the Mysterious Ninja had to be somewhere about. But this was only the beginning of him, he was making a plan to destroy Club Penguin forever and he would start it in 2012! I turned around...
...and saw Sensei in ORANGE standing there and laughing, then he changed. He coughed and whispered something in my ear. "Hello, fellow penguin." I knew something bad was about to happen, it always would happen when he was around. This wasn't Sensei, I knew that it was the Mysterious Ninja in one of his disguises. He just said something very calm. "Get back in your own time, and don't ever mess with me again." He knew I was from the future, but how? Things were always strange on my adventures and nothing seemed clear until the very end. I followed him, like I had before in the future, I didn't notice this at first, but I had been changed into an inverted Shadow Ninja! Through the cave, I went...
...Something told me that he was planning something, and I was certainly about to find out! I jumped about, excited, thinking I was about to save Club Penguin once again. But no, instead the ninja turned around and disappeared in a flash. How could he just disappear like that? I thought about it, then remembered. It could of been the Shadow Ninjas. I remember how I skipped to the future and saw a glimpse of something top secret. But I was in the past, not the future so surely there wasn't even ninjas about! I took a look at myself and was horrified to find that I was a Shadow Ninja, locked in a room with a dragon...
I knew that the Ninja had left, and I also knew how to get out. I knew of some Top Secret Places, that didn't exist yet and that I could teleport there and find out what it was in the past, so I tried that. I clicked on the Dojo Courtard in my Spy Phone and I was immediatly warped to a super secret room, a room that nobody had ever seen of before, a room with all the mascots even the Penguin Band in their old look. I looked closer, and to the right I saw another Shadow Ninja. How was PH there?
...This didn't make sense, things from the FUTURE, like Shadow Ninjas, PH and the Dragon couldn't end up in the past. It was almost impossible, but wait. I was from the future, and I was in the past. You might be thinking that none of this makes sense, but believe me it will in the end. Just keep reading and you'll figure out what happens. I knew there was no way of getting back into the future, and that there was no hope of transforming back into a penguin and stopping whatever the Ninja was planning.
...Everything started to fall apart. I had no hope and no courage to stop this Ninja. He was far too good at this, he kept messing about with my mind. Future and the Past! Why was I a Shadow Ninja? What was happening? Too many questions that I couldn't figure out! Things always seemed to get worse never better with the ninjas. I knew the time was waiting. I headed towards the entrance of the Shadow Ninja Dojo. I tried to forget about what had happened, and face the things that were about to happen. Please, help me!
...It stopped. It was Sensei. He whispered something once again in my ear. He told me that it was the Mysterious Ninja. He told me that the end of this was in my nightmare before. It couldn't be. It was. I had been transformed into a Shadow Ninja by a transformation gadget test. I was being programmed into a game by the ninja. He was messing with my head. He was controlling me. HE WAS ME. He had managed to get inside my body and leave me somewhere else. He would fully convert my penguin into a ninja and then take over the world. Without me, he could do anything. But no, I could stop him. I could do anything. I managed a faint smile, and jumped up to the ground! Where was he? I found him, close by, hiding in the bushes. I grabbed him, and he fell over. But I had to get rid of him, for good. But I was too nice to get rid of him. I told him not to annoy me ever again, and he wiped his face and jumped down a near by hole. What was that all about? I felt my forehead and fainted from the shock of the past and the future.
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  1. Echo, this is kinda not kid-friendly, you should change the ending a bit!

  2. You're right Bubsey, I will just make it so that I don't die, because I am in other stories too :) Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. how did you do that and it did not work for me my name in Club Penguin is Goldbabywin


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