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My Ninja Stampbook

After 5 years of training, I have finally mastered all the elements :) It took me ages to complete each quest - ninja, fire, water and snow. I have loved every minute of battling with my teammates. It has been a great journey, but now it has come to an end. To celebrate, I have created a stampbook of memories...
..The two Sensei stamps are to show how much Sensei has been a part of my ninja life. Without Sensei, the Dojo would still be empty. Then you will notice the two hard stamps and the medium stamp. Those are mastering the elements of fire, water and snow. I don't like the fact that the snow stamp is medium, only because it doesn't match the colours of the other stamps. And in the middle, is my complete amulet. I have carried the amulet ever since the Ninja Hideout was opened and until it closed. My ninja stampbook represents 5 years of challenges. From November 2008, to here. Ok, maybe 4 and a half years ;) But I have succeeded, and I hope that the new challenges we will face will be far greater than any others. And I still ask that question: why in all of the amulet stamps is the black stone in the middle filled in? What does it represent? Are we going to find out? Why is it there? Only time will tell...


  1. I postponed my party. Can you post the rescheduled times?


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