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Post 1061 ~ The Ultimate Fruit War!

Ultimate Fruit War. Ultimate is the Ultimate Jam. Fruit is the Innocent Smoothies. War is the Marvel Super Heroes party.
First of all, we have a Marvel Superhero Party. That's great and I loved it! Now we've got carried away. Next, instead of having the Music Jam party, we have an ULTIMATE Jam with Rocky and CeCe. They don't belong in Club Penguin, they belong on a TV. And now we have our adventure party turned into our five a day? I hate fruit! I've just found out, that on the Thursday the party starts (the only day I'm available) I'm going to the dentists. Great, that leaves me with hardly any time to explore before I leave to go to Spain. What does innocent smoothies have to do with fruit? Smoothies are nothing like fruit? Marvel, Shake It Up, Innocent Smoothies, What's next? Never in Club Penguin history, has Rockhopper eaten any fruit. Stinky Cheese is Rockhopper's FAVOURITE thing to eat, yet he says fruit is tastier? Why are they only doing this in the UK? Because most of the people there are overweight (not me) We're only like the fattest nation. It's only because of all the junk food we eat. We can stop, but we choose not to, because we just can'ts resist! So is Rockhopper trying to say that we're fat?
 So there he was, going to a tropical island (the one that I'm on ~ I saw him earlier) and he sees some fruit. So he goes and puts it all on his ship. He delivers it all around the UK, making sure everybody gets their five a day.
Then, he sets off for Club Penguin, forgetting that the USA is the country that owns Club Penguin. Why is all the items coming to the UK (not that I'm complaining) but we have the magazine, these products, puffle hats, and all sorts.
 Penguins look ridiculous as fruits. Who in the world would want to dress up as a strawberry? Notice in the three pictures, Rockhopper looks exactly the same. Why can't we explore more islands? So, I'm guessing that Spongebob is going to come onto the island next month, and then Phineas and Ferb, and then all the Disney shows, then all the products in the world.
 This isn't very fun ~ I would LOVE to unlock free items but I don't want to drink the smoothies. They're just trying to get more money. They partner up with innocent, who add unlockables on their smoothies and then they share the money and everybody is happy. So, have you got your pineapple igloo?

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